Boundless Space: the Possibilities of Burning Man was a charitable online auction co-produced by Burning Man and Sotheby’s. My artwork, ‘Celestial Body’, 2021, was in the virtual auction (30 September – 8 October) as well as the physical exhibition, designed in partnership with set designer, David Korinsheld at Sotheby’s in New York (2 – 7 October) ,

The auction offered for sale an eclectic catalogue of sculptures, paintings, ephemera, NFTs and one-of-a-kind experiences. Funds raised at this charitable auction supported participating artists and helped ensure the not-for-profit’s long-term survival and fund their Arts and Civil Engagement programs.

I am grateful to have been able to exhibit alongside many artists who were influential to me at a pivotal time in my teens (and still are) , such as, Alex Grey, SWOON, Shepard Fairey & Mars-1. My art was featured in the Sotheby’s and Burning Man Instagram guides.

An astronomical thank you to Emergent Art Space for making this happen!

Artist Statement

Celestial Body, 2020. Vegan ink and vegan acrylic paint on stretched canvas. 59cm x 59cm


Article Interview

Boundless Space Artist Stories Part 4_Burning Man Journal_2


by Sarah Norris, 2021
' "Boundless Space" Artist Stories Part 4: Expansiveness, Impermanence, Union of Opposites'

Celestial Body _ Caitlin Mkhasibe
My piece found a lovely home in Massachusetts in the United States. Image provided by buyer.
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