This exhibition will be the first to fully explore the essential role of Japanese women in Fluxus, a movement instigated in the 1960s that helped contemporary artists define new modes of artistic expression. Near the 60th anniversary of the movement’s founding, this exhibition highlights the contributions of four pioneering Japanese artists — Shigeko Kubota (1937–2015), Yoko Ono (1933–), Takako Saito (1929–), and Mieko Shiomi (1938–) — and contextualizes their role within Fluxus and the broader artistic movements of the 1960s and beyond.

The exhibition is organized by Midori Yoshimoto, Guest Curator, and Tiffany Lambert, Curator and Interim Director, Japan Society, with Ayaka Iida, Assistant Curator, Japan Society.

Images of the Exhibition at Japan Society

Images of Mieko Shiomi’s 2023, Spatial Poem No.5 (Open Event), below provided by guest curator, Midori Yoshimoto, who is the director of the New Jersey City University Galleries and assistant curator, Stephanie Oh.

Artist Statement

I have made a written contribution to Mieko Shiomi’s 2023, Spatial Poem No.5 Open Event, that is a part of this.  As the only contributor from Africa, I’m grateful I was given generous space to participate.

Participants outside of Europe and North America were prompted to open something and briefly write about it. I opened a window and placed small pieces of  fruit on the windowsill. I waited to take pictures of the Starling pair that often perch there and sing. They soon arrived and, not too long after, a faint rainbow appeared in the sky. Art and life blurred, as is the intent of FLUXUS.

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