‘Drum Moon 1’, 2020, was up for auction in support of the Amref Health Africa ArtBall (Instagram: @amrefusa) health initiative in the United States to provide COVID-19 mitigation and vaccine equity across Africa. I am thankful to Atim Anette Oton, the curator and director of Calabar Gallery in Harlem, NY, to have been able to contribute my work to this auction to assist in fundraising for this organization. The auction launched on September 28th and was held virtually on Artsy until October 12th. My artwork found a home in Arkansas.

“Amref Health Africa ArtBall is a premier contemporary, Pan-African and Black art auction to benefit Amref Health Africa’s COVID-19 mitigation work on the ground in Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan, Senegal, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. Pillars of this work consist of training health workers, providing access to clean water and proper sanitation, testing and laboratory strengthening, mitigating secondary impacts, and vaccine education and distribution. Amref Health Africa is the largest African-based NGO in the world running over 150 health-centered programs across 35 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, reaching over nine million people per year.”

-Amref Health Africa

Drum Moon 1, 2020 by Caitlin Mkhasibe


Drum Moon 1, 2020

Vegan ink and vegan acrylic paint on Remo drumhead

37cm x 37cm

Drum Moon 1 & 2, were created using ink and acrylic on two old, Remo drumheads that I played on. I have been playing on a third-hand, typical, five-piece drum kit since I was 14 years old and find my artworks mimic the circular shape of the drums. I also use found objects as additional percussive elements. I play in an audio-visual ensemble called, Morning Pages. This piece serves as a fusion of my interests in art and experimental, improvised music.

[SOLD through Unsung Art. This was not a part of the Amref auction] Drum Moon II , 2020, vegan ink and vegan acrylic on the artist's old Remo drumhead. 31.7cm x 31.7cm
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