Album artwork for Australian post metal, post/ progressive/noise rock, improv band, TANGLED THOUGHTS OF LEAVING.

Album release day is August 4th 2023 via The Bird’s Robe Collective (AU) and with Dunk!records (EU).

Pre-orders are live via TToL’s Bandcamp – including some vinyl, CD, digital and t-shirt bundles. T-shirts are by TToL’s bassist, Luke Pollard. Dunk! Pressing did the beautiful Smoke and Splatter variants of the record as vinyl interpretations of my artwork.

Preorders on Dunk!Records are live from July 7th 2pm (CEST).

Additional Stockists: Church Road Records (US, UK, EU)

About Oscillating Forest

“Inspired by the sounds, intensity, emotion and life-cycles of the bush of the south-west of Australia, Oscillating Forest is a reconstruction of the harsh and varied landscape in audio form. As with the sounds and seasons of nature, the textures and tones captured here oscillate, pulse and modulate in a way that is not linear, predictable or safe; Tangled Thoughts of Leaving guides the listener through a terrain where danger and beauty are found and contrasted around every turn.

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving composed the album in the mould of an hour-long live set – a free flowing piece of music, ignoring the constraints of standalone songs and traditional structures. Instead, each track is complementary to what comes before and after it, a constant transfer of searing energy and emotion, a cycle of constantly building and destroying itself.

TToL recorded Oscillating Forest in 2021 and 2022 at Studio Sleepwalker’s Dread in North Dandalup, Western Australia. This was a period of intense inspiration for the band, the first  album written with Gracie Smith on drums – and second with Paul Briggs on guitar. There is a telling shift in energy and dynamics captured here – the chemistry and cohesion between Smith, Briggs and founding members Ron Pollard and Luke Pollard presented the opportunity to push further down the path of improvisation than previously captured on other Tangled records. Large swathes of the album were recorded live, with sections of improvisation punctuated by more purposefully layered movements.  

The artwork by South African artist Caitlin Mkhasibe further explores these themes of chaotic energy and space in the form of a conceptual view of Oscillating Forest, marked in map form. The lines, contours, terrains, textures, detail and intersections of trails echo the intertwining tracks of the record.” – (TToL press release, June 2nd 2023)

Album Artwork Process

Moss and lichen were TToL’s influences for the illusion of an aerial map view for their Oscillating Forest album artwork. I went to a nearby forest to document different colour combinations found on boulders and tree bark as references for the Oscillating Forest painting. It was amazing to see how luminous the red was. Unfortunately, I only have pictures of the pictures that I took saved.

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