Polluted Postcards

Polluted Postcards at Devonport Guildhall in Plymouth, England. Curated by Sophia Siossios. 1 October – 13 October.

Polluted Postcards at Devenport Guildhall in England. Image by Sophia Siossios
Polluted Postcards at Devenport Guildhall in England. Image by Sophia Siossios
Photo of Sophia Siossios from https://www.zealous.co/sophiasiossios/project/Curating-Polluted-Postcards-2018/
Photo of Sophia Siossios from https://www.zealous.co/sophiasiossios/project/Curating-Polluted-Postcards-2018/

About this exhibition:

“A new exhibition featuring works from local and international artists selected from an open call.
This exhibition offers a range of styles and mediums from artists of all ages and stages in their career. These works will help put perspective into the reality we live in and the world we are creating cause by pollution.
Selected artists: Scarlett Chetwin, Radha Diaz Hublitz, Roelof Bakker, Peya Dhaka, Kirsty Benedict, Michelle Kuen Suet Fung, Rima Khraief, CatweazleMagic, Paige Middleton, Gintare Gruzinskaite, Gavrila Angelina D, Eloise Dethier-Eaton, Leslie Atkins, Geraldine Haberfield, Imogen Welch, Hanna Una Holmquist, Stephen Beer, Hong Yane Wang, Chwen Wen Tsay, Janas Lau, Chris Madden, Mary Elizabeth Cantu, Marcos Palacios, Leva Skaurone, Kara Salinas, Oliver Elson, Mustafa Akman, Di McGhee, Russell Bruce-Youles, Dave Farnham, Patricia Shrigley, Mark Scammell, Lucy Morris, Helen Falconar, Lara Mouvée, Harriet Lyall, Tim Pugh, Goya Torres, Aimee Jones, Yang Qing, Laura Carvalho, Krystle Nolan-James, Lorna Jewitt, Walter van Broekhuizen, Lars Vilhelmsen, Nigy Nagy, Stéphane Billot, Sonya Seccombe, Charlotte Fisher, Andre Pace, Deirdre Weinberg, Caitlin Mkhasibe, Zoe Douglas-Cain, Steve Chapman, Francesca Williams, Hayley Stevenson, Michael Leigh, Joanna Collins, Lexie Mac, Emily Hide, Kim Youdan, Angry Dan, Raksha Patel, Lara Roberts, Deepa Mahajan, Bernandi Desanda, Michael Dlugosch, Emily Durman, Barnie Emma, Lee Sydney, Jayne Orfano, Aleydis Nissan, Milly Francis, Leslie Tucker, Robin Whitecross, Yasmin Joan Qureshi, Florien Allemeersch, Andy Mercer, Samira Roostaire, Tara Smith, Lina Doenmez, Mathilda Oosthuizen, Benna Gaean Maris, Dan shuai Feng, Alistair Mackinnon, Ade. A, Oktaravianus Bakara, Xav Marseille.
The exhibition will take place in The Cells at Devonport Guildhall, their opening hours are
Monday – Saturday 9.00-15.00
closed Sundays
Curated by Sophia Siossios
Drop in on Saturday 6th, between 11am-2pm to make your own polluted postcard. Why not draw or write your thoughts on pollution. These works will then be displayed for the duration of the exhibition. All ages welcome”
-Sophia Siossios

Artist Statement

Barnacles _Caitlin Mkhasibe _ Polluted Postcards

Ink on wax paper, digital manipulation,
10.5 cm x 14.8cm

This postcard remains available for future Polluted Postcards events.  Other versions of this artwork has been sold as prints and is currently available through my Robin Sprong Wallpapers collection at robinsprongwallpapers.com

Our relationship to animals is fickle: One species can be a companion, while another is commerce. With sound pollution, we can see our relationship to sea creatures as redundant. Some whales beach themselves because of the degree of ship noise, sonar or seismic blasting. These vessels and machines drive our economies by sourcing or importing /exporting goods. I read a study as part of my final thesis that said some beached whales had ruptured membranes where the sound vibrates in their jaw bones.

‘Barncales’ (2015 – ink on wax paper, digital manipulation) was part of a series of 9 illustrations in my final year. The piece was about echolocation, noise pollution and a lonely whale. The series fell part of a sound installation where you could sing to a whale and it would sing back to you. An attempt at trying to communicate love instead of a hate through the noise. 

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