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Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), 2014, group exhibition at Brundyn+ Gallery in Cape Town.

” About BYOB:

BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions curated by different people around the world. The idea is simple:

–> Find a place
–> Invite many artists
–> Ask them to bring their projectors

BYOB is a way of making a big exhibition with zero budget. It is an exploration of the medium of projection.

BYOB is an open idea, and the more it happens the better. It would be great if you credit Rafaël Rozendaal in your press releases/ blog posts/ etc. as the inventor of BYOB.  The idea of BYOB is free to use as long as it’s non-commercial. BYOB is an idea by Rafaël Rozendaal.
The first BYOB was organized by Anne de Vries & Rafaël Rozendaal in Berlin in 2010. BYOB is an acronym for “Bring Your Own Beamer”. In Europe projectors are often referred to as “beamers”.

BYOB is for anyone who is interested in moving light, sound and performance. Projection can mean many things. Projections are flexible and create a freedom to react to each others works, move things around, and create a dynamic collaborative experience. Hopefully there will be many different kinds of BYOB’s. The BYOB site was Tumblr based. Our account was deleted. No idea why… You can find an archived version here.

About 350 BYOB’s have happened around the world.
Here are some of those cities: Aarhus, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Argentina, Athens, Auckland, Austin, Baltimore, Barcelona, Basel, Beijing, Belfast, Bergen, Berlin, Birmingham, Bogota, Bonn, Boston, Boulder, Breda, Brighton, Brooklyn, Bruges, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Buffalo, Calgary, Cape Town, Caracas, Cardiff, Charlestown, Chicago, Chile, Cincinnati, Colchester, Cologne, Colombia, Columbus, Copenhagen, Corredor, Palma, Coventry, Cracow, Darwin, Denver, Detroit, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Eindhoven, El Salvador, Enschede, Firenze, Frankfurt, Gavere, Geneva, Genk, Ghent, Glasgow, Gothenburg, Grand Rapids, Grenoble, Guatemala, Heerenveen, Heerlen, Hembrug, Hong Kong, Houston, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Jinju, Karlsruhe, Kosice, Krakow, Habana, Lausanne, Leeds, Lima, Linz, Ljubljana, London, Los Angeles, Maastricht, Madrid, Mallorca, Malmo, Manchester, Marrakesh, Marseille, Medellin, Melbourne, Mexico, Miami, Milano, Milton Keynes, Minneapolis, Montreal, Moscow, Munich, Myanmar, Münster, Nashville, New Haven, New Orleans, New York, Nicosia, Norwich, Oregon, Oslo, Osnabrück, Ostend, Ostuni, Paris, Iiaarhus, Perth, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland, Poznan, Prague, Queens, Reno, Richmond, Rio de Janeiro, Rotterdam, Saint Paul, San Antonio, San Diego, Francisco, Santa Barbara, Sao Paulo, Seattle, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Somerville, Southampton, Stockton, StonyBrook, Swansea, Sydney, Taipei, TelAviv, The Hague, Tijuana, Toronto, Tucson, Tuebingen, Utrecht, Valparaiso, Vancouver, Venice, Vevey, Vienna, Vitória, Warszawa, Wellington, Wrocław, Yekaterinburg.”

-BYOB Website

Artist Statement

Lowest Hearing Frequency Range

Best heard with headphones. This artwork used cymatics technique to display the lowest frequency hearing range of various animals. I placed water within a dish over a sub-woofer and allowed the vibrations to transition 10Hz – 100Hz, then 100Hz – 10Hz. The representation of the different animals’ hearing abilities alerts us to unnoticed, organic and delicate modes of communication other than speaking a language or utilizing the internet. This mode is translated to our physical understanding of it: light, visual texture and vibration – making the invisible visible and hopefully, more appreciated. 

Lowest Hearing Frequency Range, 2014, Projected at 'Bring Your Own Beamer' group exhibition at Brundyn + gallery, Cape Town
Video still of Lowest Hearing Frequency Range, 2014
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