MOA Julie Miller Spring Art Collection _2018 _ Caitlin Mkhasibe

MOA Spring Art Collective Season at the Julie Miller Gallery in Johannesburg.

Artist Statement

Series: Voluntary Simplicity
Artworks: Ink, Fish, Frequencies, Fur, I Put my Thoughts to a Stone and Threw it in a Body of Water, Abstract Painting by the Sun
All Pieces: 42cm x 59.4 cm on matt photographic paper

My work honours an alignment to truth (nature) & has a respect for animals. This is reflected in the imagery of the work or the philosophy I hold regarding my journey in finding or creating alternative materials that lessen my negative impact on resources. I meditate on sound and the purge that comes from it & focus on actively practicing art as a transcendence of structural time & language rather than focusing on the cerebral; the use of words & the discussion of art. The visual appreciation of space (astronomy) is also of interest to me. Anatomical illustrations also influence my obsession with detail in terms of nourishing my own understanding of intricate, improvised, abstract mark-making.

Deeply informed by my experience as a drummer as part of the sonic and visual ensemble, Morning Pages, my textural and line-based illustrative work represents natural imagery and recorded sounds that I capture visually. Through this, I play with the notion of synesthesia: the overlapping of the 5 senses.

At times my work is rendered into photographic moments, physically drawn and digitally rendered animations or visual installations. I also do illustrations on clothes and support the underground South African comics, illustration and music scene.

After this exhibition, some of these prints were sold independently through social media and Unsung Art. Unsung Art still have a few available in stock. You can view them here: Fish, Abstract Painting by the Sun, Ink, I Put my Thoughts to a Stone and Threw it in a Body of Water.

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