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Darkroom Contemporary’s ‘In C | DOUBLE BILL’ at the Magnet Theatre in Cape Town, 2018. Costumes by Louise Coetzer.

“Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre presents its new interdisciplinary performance project – In C I DOUBLE BILL. This vibrant, contemporary dance production merges sound, motion and technology in an innovative program of new dance. Recognized for its innovative approach too presenting and reimagining dance theatre, the company returns with a vibrant program of dance fusing digital soundscapes, interactive motion technology, and experiential approaches to contemporary performance. 

In C I DOUBLE BILL takes its cue from the interactive, simulated landscapes we navigate daily, offering a unique take on new representations of movement through performance. Created in collaboration with some of Cape Town’s leading composers, musicians and designers, this double bill consists of two dynamic dance works by choreographer Louise Coetzer, clone and In C, both featuring live music by Brydon Bolton & Without Eyes. 

These performances also include space for audience members to experience the project’s interactive motion sensor installation – a sonic playground where everybody becomes a dance maker and composer, using their own motion to create unique soundscapes and movement phrases in real time. 

Choreographed by Louise Coetzer Music By Brydon Bolton and Without Eyes Dancers, Joy Miller, Cilna Katze, Lewellyn Africa, Kayla Schultze and Lee Kotze”

-Darkroom Contemporary

About Darkroom Contemporary:

“Darkroom Contemporary Dance Theatre is a project based dance theatre company formed as vehicle to reimagine dance, through its innovative approach to staging and presenting contemporary dance works based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company regularly stages works in unexpected performance areas, transforming ordinary spaces into intriguing, multi-faceted arenas. It is our VISION to present contemporary dance in ways that are current, relevant, innovative and accessible. Follow us on Instagram @darkroomcontemporary or visit our webpage at for the latest on upcoming events.”

-Darkroom Contemporary

Artists' Statement for the Magnet Theatre foyer installation for 'In C | DOUBLE BILL'

Artist, helo samo, and I were commissioned to do a three-dimensional art installation in the Magnet Theatre’s foyer only using white paper. We had a wall of geometric shapes to mimic the dancers’ movements choreographed by Louise Coetzer and the electronic music that they performed to, as well as different levels of large paper sheets that hung in layers from the ceiling roughly down to attendees’ heads and mid-body heights. The foyer welcomed audiences, had a merch table for Darkroom Contemporary and an interactive motion sensor installation by Brydon Bolton cocooned in paper.

Work-in-progress of foyer installation with helo samo for Darkroom Contemporary's In C | DOUBLE BILL at the Magnet Theatre. Picture by Caitlin Mkhasibe
Work-in-progress of foyer installation with helo samo for Darkroom Contemporary's In C | DOUBLE BILL at the Magnet Theatre. Picture by Caitlin Mkhasibe
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